Tour Details

Star Cars di Vittorio Starace

Duration : 9 Hours  ( from 8am to 5pm)

Star Cars di Vittorio Starace

Places: Pompeii, Positano , Amalfi , Ravello, Amalfi coast

Star Cars di Vittorio Starace

Available from:  Sorrento, Naples ( Amalfi e Salerno ( hotels e ports )


The Star Cars Pompeii - Amalfi Coast private tour is one of our most popular tours because it combines the two most important stops of the Campania region, the incredible spectacle of the ‘divine coast’, the Amalfi coast, and the Archaeological Park of Pompeii. The tour is available with a departure from your hotel and from the port of Sorrento, Salerno, Amalfi and Naples.

A driver from Star Cars will pick you up at an agreed place with a comfortable Mercedes car, fully equipped and fully insured for your safety. After a short drive, the first stop is in Pompeii, the most visited archaeological site in Italy after Rome.

Pompeii, the archaelogical site

Pompeii is the most visited archaeological site in Italy, after the Roman Foro in Rome. We will arrive near the main entrance, Porta Marina, the old gate to the city that Pompeiians used to reach the sea.

Here you can visit the excavations by yourself, using the audio guides that are available in several languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Italian) or follow a licensed guide of Campania (recognisable by the badge on their top) that your driver can book for you.

You will spend about 2 ½ hours at the ruins visiting the ancient Roman city that was completely buried under a thick blanket of ash and lapilli ejected by the Vesuvius volcano, during one of its most terrible eruptions in 79AD, which completely wiped out the Vesuvius area, Pompeii and other cities and thousands of citizens.

In Pompeii, time seems to have stopped and you can admire religious buildings dedicated to Roman times (the temples of Iside and Giove), houses and villas of merchants and aristocrats of Pompeii like the Villa dei Misteri and the Casa dei Vettii, shops and taverns that were facing the main roads of the city and the Foro, the square where there was political and commercial life. There are amazing views of casts made by pouring liquid into the cavities found under the lime solidified ash, which brought to life the last moments of life of about 1,000 Pompeiians.

After this exceptional visit to Pompeii, we will continue our tour towards the second stop of the excursion, the beautiful Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi coast, named "Divine coast"

The beautiful Amalfi Coast which takes its name from Amalfi, is a very important historical city  which became the first Maritime Republic of Italy during the Middle Ages and which is considered the capital of this beautiful coastline. Amalfi is now one of the most frequented towns by tourists from all over the world. There you will find nice shops and bars where you can taste the specialities of the Amalfi lemon, limoncello liqueur, ice cream and desserts like ‘lemon delight’, the babà al limoncello or Dolce di Amalfi, a panettone with almonds, limoncello and Costa d'Amalfi IGP lemons.

In Amalfi, you can also visit the Cattedrale di Sant'Andrea, the Amalfi Cathedral, with its famous steps and neo-Moorish façade. The next stop on the tour of Pompeii and Amalfi will be in Positano, the coastal town, famous for its original structure, where the colourful houses were built by taking up the space on the rocky mountain and seem almost glued on top of each other.
In Positano, you will have time for a walk along the narrow streets and stairways perfumed by bougainville, jasmine and lemon trees and you will have shopping time for fresh cotton and linen garments of ‘Positano fashion’, handmade leather sandals and colourful pottery.

Here you can also have lunch in a fashionable restaurant and try the typical recipes of the Campania region (pizza, homemade pasta, caprese salad, gnocchi and many other dishes).

In the afternoon you will return to the port or your hotel at 5pm.