Tour Details

Star Cars di Vittorio Starace

Duration : 8 Hours

Star Cars di Vittorio Starace

Places: Pompeii,  Herculaneum, Vesuvio vineyard

Star Cars di Vittorio Starace

Leaving from:  Sorrento ( hotels or port), Salerno port,  Naples port, Amalfi port


The Pompeii - Herculaneum tour with a special stop for wine tasting from Campania organized by Star Cars is ideal for people who like to know the history of a country with its archaeological sites but also want to know the territory from the gastronomic point of view, enjoying the taste of the place and local grape wines.

The tour to Pompeii and Herculaneum with wine tasting takes about 8 hours and is available with departure from your hotel and from the ports of Sorrento, Amalfi, Salerno and Naples.

A professional driver will pick you up at the appointed time with a modern fully equipped and insured Mercedes car, and together you will visit the archaeological site of Pompeii, one of the most important sites in the world that is visited annually by about 3 million tourists.

Pompeii the archaelogical site

The visit to Pompeii can be done by yourself using the audio guides available in several languages, or follow a licensed guide of Campania that your driver can book for you. In about 2 hours, you will have the opportunity to see all the most interesting sights of this archaeological site declared a world heritage site in 1997. You will visit the Foro, temples and roads that have been unearthed during the excavations that have taken place over the years: the Villa dei Misteri, the Casa dei Vettii, the Casa del Fauno, the Tempio di Giove and that of Iside. You can also see the many casts of people obtained by pouring liquids into the cavities found under the blanket of solidified ash and lava, entire families caught by the fury of the eruption and the earthquake that raged.    


After Pompeii, we will move on to Herculaneum, the historic centre of Resina which was completely buried by lava and mud during the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. On this site, you can also visit ruins alone or arrange an official authorised guide.

To finish off this amazing tour, we will head off to Cantina del Vesuvio, a winery on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius from where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Gulf of Naples and the island of Capri and the Sorrento Coast. 


This company produces the famous Lacryma Christi wine from Caprettone (or fox tail) grapes for the white Lacryma Christi and Piedirosso (for the Palumm) grapes for rosé and red Lacryma Christi and here, along with these good wines from Campania, we can also taste typical products and regional recipes such as salame napoletano and provolone cheese eaten with homemade bread, tomato bruschetta with Extra Virgin olive oil, spaghetti with tomato sauce and fresh basil and the typical Easter cake, the Neapolitan Pastiera, a pastry stuffed with ricotta, cooked wheat, lemon cream and aroma of orange and cinnamon that is served with sparkling wine and an apricot liqueur.

After this fantastic dining experience, your driver will drop you off at the port or at your hotel at your chosen time.