Star Cars di Vittorio Starace

Duration : from afternoon 4 pm - 19:30/ 20:00

Star Cars di Vittorio Starace

Places:  Shopping in Sorrento, sunset on board along the Sorrento Coast

Star Cars di Vittorio Starace

Leaving from:  Sorrento - Salerno -Positano - Amalfi - Ravello- Praiano

Sorrento is one of the most famous towns in Southern Italy not only for the beauty of its views, for the crystal clear sea that breaks on the high and rocky ridges and for its artistic beauties that have enchanted poets for over a century, the writers and singers who have praised its great beauty with immortal verses.

The town has become renowned in the world also for the peculiarity of its artisan companies that have produced high quality products for decades.

If you want to spend a day doing some quality shopping and then also enjoy the natural beauty that this corner of paradise gives to its visitors, you can choose this shopping tour in Sorrento with a sunset boat tour along the coast.

A Star Cars driver will take care of you and make you spend an unforgettable day accompanying you to exclusive shopping locations and at the most renowned shops in Sorrento.

You can buy Sorrento inlay products, Sorrento's finest limoncello liqueur and custom-made leather sandals decorated with crystals, beads, coloured stones and jewels representing corals or shells.

Sorrento Inlay Products

The Sorrento inlay is a technique of wooden inlay that consists of assembling small pieces of wood artfully carved to obtain real classic designs, such as flowers or pastoral scenes, or more modern designs with geometric patterns. The designs obtained with this technique are then decorated into small objects such as jewellery or playing cards boxes, chessboards, paintings and even furniture such as tables and cabinets.

The Sorrento inlay has been made since the 1800s and was so valuable that the inlay for young people of that time was one of the most popular crafts and was a reason for pride. You can choose from many different products that will be perfect souvenirs of your trip to Italy.

Limoncello liqueur

Limoncello, a typical lemon liqueur, is one of the traditional products of the Sorrento Coast. It is obtained by macerating the skins of the lemons that grow in the coast, in pure alcohol for a few days. The pulp is then filtered and mixed with glucose syrup.

During the shopping tour in Sorrento, we will visit one of the most important limoncello factories where you can watch the preparation of the liqueur, have a tasting session and buy this invaluable liqueur that is bottled in characteristic and particular hand painted bottles, a great souvenir for friends and family.

After shopping and tasting of Limoncello, you can enjoy a great lunch in one of the restaurants with a fantastic rooftop terrace.

Capri sandals

In Sorrento you can also buy the famous leather Capri sandals, sandals created in Capri that have made the history of summer fashion both on the island of VIPs and on the Amalfi Coast.

In Sorrento there are many artisan workshops that make sandals of every colour and price, made to measure and delivered in a few hours.

Choose your sandals, continue your shopping in Sorrento without any problems and pass by to pick them up at an agreed time.

This beautiful day dedicated to shopping in Sorrento ends with a sunset boat tour to enjoy the beautiful Sorrento coast at the most beautiful time of day and to end this day of shopping in the best of ways.

During the sunset boat tour of the Sorrento coast you can admire majestic rocks overlooking the sea, coves carved into the rock, small fishing villages and archaeological remains, legacies of ancient times.

You will sail along the coast to Capo di Sorrento. Passing through the ancient fishing village of Marina Grande, we will reach the famous ‘Bagni della Regina Giovanna’, a natural rock archway that encloses a pool of seawater where, according to legend, the Angevin queen met with her lovers.

Here, the remains of an ancient seaside villa dating back to the 1st century AD, the Villa of Pollio Felice, dominates the view. Happy hour on board with appetisers and prosecco and back to the port of Sorrento where a Star Cars driver will be waiting for you on the dock to take you back to your hotel or agreed meeting point at the end of this fantastic shopping in Sorrento with sunset boat tour.