Tour Details

Star Cars di Vittorio Starace

Duration : 7 Hours / 8 Hours

Star Cars di Vittorio Starace

Places: Paestum Archaelogical Area, Vannulo Buffalo Farm

Star Cars di Vittorio Starace

Leaving from:  Sorrento -  Salerno - Positano - Amalfi -  Ravello - Praiano - Napoli

The Star Cars Paestum tour with buffalo mozzarella tasting will take you to this Greek-born town that preserves the legacies of its past thanks to three perfectly preserved temples that stand out in the valley, among the most fascinating in Italy.

Over the years, Paestum has become one of the main producers of Campania buffalo mozzarella, an authentic product obtained from the processing of buffalo milk that is bred here.
The ancient city of Paestum, named Poseidonia in honour of the god Poseidon and founded towards the end of the 7th century by the Greeks, is the first stop on the Star Cars  private tour of Paestum.

Paestum Archaeological Park

Inside the Paestum Archaeological Park, which you can visit alone or use a licensed guide from the Campania region that your driver will advise you, there are three majestic temples dedicated to antique Greek goddesses (Hera, Neptune and Athena).
The temples are built in perfect Doric style and date back to the first half of the 6th century.
The largest is the Temple of Neptune while The Temple of Hera, built around 550BC is the oldest temple in Paestum and is also known as the ‘Basilica’.

The Temple of Athena, on the other hand, is the smallest and was built around 500BC to celebrate Ceres, goddess of earth and fertility.

You can also visit a museum in the Paestum Archaeological Park where ancient archaeological finds found during excavations are on display.

Visit the most famous buffalo farm, Vannulo Farm

After the visit of the archaeological Paestum, we will head to one of the most famous agricultural estates in the area, the Tenuta Vannulo, so renowned that it is the official supplier of buffalo mozzarella for important events that take place in Italy. The cheese factory is famous for serving mozzarella at the G7 event in Naples and to the President of the United States. Here the 600 buffaloes on the farm are cured only with homeopathic remedies and are fed with the best fodder while constantly listening to music.

We will visit the buffalo farms, Tenuta Vannulo,  and the attached cheese factory where the processing of mozzarella takes place completely by hand to ensure the hygiene and uniqueness of the production.

On the Vannulo farm a fantastic tasting of buffalo mozzarella and other products obtained from this milk will follow, exclusively from this company: yoghurt, puddings and ice cream.

The tour of Paestum with buffalo mozzarella tasting ends in the afternoon with the return to your hotel or agreed meeting point.