Cooking class in Sorrento 

Star Cars di Vittorio Starace

Duration : 4 hours / max 6 pax

Star Cars di Vittorio Starace

Location:  home of the local family in Sorrento

Star Cars di Vittorio Starace

Menus:  Traditional Sorrento / Pasta festival / Blue sea menu

We will enter into the home of a local family, located on the Amalfi Coast between Sorrento and Positano with a breath making view of the Li Galli Island.
This family has lived all its life in Amalfi Coast; they love to open their home to foreigners who would love to learn the recipes of the local tradition. You will be involved in the entire preparation starting from the first course to the dessert.
The ingredients and the menu are entirely based on the culinary tradition of Amalfi Coast cuisine and thanks to this hands-on experience, you will learn the cooking secrets of local cuisine.

Life is a combination of magic and pasta

Our Chef amaze you not only for his skills but also for his flair at the stove and for his love for ingredients that belong to the tradition of Sorrento and Campania cuisine, organic ingredients such as Sorrento tomatoes ( Occhio di bue ), fresh basil, vegetables, fior di latte mozzarella and ricotta cheese, fresh fish caught on the day by our legendary fishermen and animal meats that have been grown on farms in the hills of Sorrento.

All these ingredients are expertly treated during all the cooking classes in Sorrento , creating regional recipes handed down from generation to generation and from mother to child, which the chef customises using the little secrets that only our grandmothers know and that are not found in any cookbook.

Recipes of the Sorrento cooking tradition

All our cooking classes in Sorrento either take place in the morning or in the afternoon according to your availability and your needs, and our chef, who speaks fluent English, will welcome you into his home as you do with friends, dedicating all his passion to you.

You can choose from different menus, depending on the season, ranging from appetisers to desserts or you can tell the chef directly which recipes you love and want to learn how to cook.

Popular Sorrento recipes such as bruschetta, tagliatelle bolognese ( fresh pasta ), tagliatelle lemon cream, gnocchi with fior di latte mozzarella, tiramisù, delizia al limone  and many other authentic traditional recipes are part of the various menus available.


Intended for:

  • Keen on cooking, aspiring chef and foodies
  • Anthropology lovers, researchers of ancient traditions and popular knowledge that were orally transferred
  • Those who like manual work of precision

Why choose it:

  • You want to learn local recipes to share with friends at home
  • You want to experiment how to use new ingredients and explore a new range of tastes

***We not provide gluten free option or ad hoc menu for food allergies, dietary restrictions, or religious restrictions.